Northland Mall Stores - Appleton, Wisconsin

Northland Mall Stores

Northland Mall Store Directory (Appleton, WI).

Northland Mall Stores - A to Z

The list of Northland Mall stores sorted alphabetically.

Adults Lunch

Appleton Police Dept - 'Cop Shop'

Auto and Personal Loans

China Buffet

Christian Book & Gift

Citizen's Finance

Store phone: 920-731-8588
Collectables, Candles, Home decor & greeting cards, etc.

Cousin's Subs

Dental Center

Store phone: 920-955-3599
Dollar Village

Store phone: 920-731-6010
Exclusive Co.

Store phone: 920-882-6416
Foundations Angels

Store phone: 920-731-7717
Full Service Dental Clinic

Heart's Desire Gifts

Store phone: 920-830-8898
Income Tax Service

Store phone: 920-734-3636

Store phone: 920-730-9633
Krieger Jewelers

Lge selection of Inspirational Gifts

Store phone: 920-993-0405
Looking Glass Hair Salon

Store phone: 920-830-8177
Lovely Nails

Store phone: 920-832-1569
North District Police Department Office

Store phone: 920-731-4511
Optical Dept.

Store phone: 920-380-7272
Papa John's

Store phone: 920-832-3858
Pet Supplies Plus

Store phone: 920-739-6871

Store phone: 920-733-5585
Radio Shack

Store phone: 920-730-0260
Rogan's Shoes

Store phone: 920-749-1666
Salad & Desert Bar

Seniors Lunch

Store phone: 920-731-8181

St. Patrick's Christian Bookstore

Store phone: 920-832-2723
State of WI - Motor Vehicle

Store phone: 920-954-5880
Subs of all sizes

Three Buffets

Store phone: 920-731-8667
Toy Train Depot

Store phone: 920-739-1099
Women's Casual Coordinates